avery kyle latschar

welcome to the page of epicness, how may this awsomeness break you today!!!!!!

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assignment-4 yreva stykec laharl(avery kyle latschar)

re_birthday english lyrics( listen to the english dub, it is a good song )

persona 4 s.link guide (dont ask, if you played the game you would understand)

alice of human sacrifice english lyrics (my second favorite english dub song, next to re_birthday, and appearently all the death were real(please do not ask))

an awesome izanagi-no-okami pic from persona 4
#1#2 #3
  1. a dimensional gate that allows me to go to the persona world where I get a persona
  2. a musuem dedicated to melee weaponry ( no guns, only swords and others like it )
  3. the cardfight! vanguard world championship where I win the title
-a widely spread and popular music program(ex:hatsune miku, kagamine len, kagamine rin)
-a fictional tale created from a fan of a book,movie,show,song,comic,manga, or video game that is usually insane and makes you question their sanity(fanfiction.net is filled with them)
-a god's or godesses body on earth; in the game cardfight! vanguard you say "i ride my avatar" when it is your favorite card of the deck(fav. not strongest)
saberUBL,NPS izanagi-no-okami